EID Special Mobile SMS

1.) Can I Stay here in your “INBOX”
&wait until 31/12/2006 .SO that
I Will B the 1st to Greet U & wish u a “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

2) Reciev This Gift of salam wrapped with Affection tied with care and sealed with DUA ,2 keep U safe &happy on this Special day of Eid.EID MUBARAK

3) Salam Shabha Bakhair & Eid Mubarrak 2 U & 2 all of Ur Friends & 2 all of urs well WISHERS &those who Love U &those that U love Him Happy EID DAY
Ok Takecare

4) With My 1 Heart 2 EYES 7 Liter Blood 206 Bones 4.5 Million Red Cells 60
Trillion DNA‘s All Breathing Of my Life All wishing 2 U.A very very Happy EID MUBARAK

5) Many Warms hellos Larger Then The Sea.
Wider then the Eyes Can See.
Sweeter then the Honey of Bee.
2 u & urs Family 4m me Have a lovely EID



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