Online Data Entry Jobs

Before information processing migrated to the internet, almost all data entry jobs were done by hand writing and use of typewriters. Data entry workers were employed on-site and wrote documents and entered data by hand on paper, then typewriter and eventually when computers became popular, they entered data in to them. In different cases, data entry workers gathered data from different sources e.g. customer questionnaires and entered them on the computer for analysis.

With the evolution brought about by the internet, business is now done almost exclusively electronically. This makes data entry job sector one of the most rapidly expanding job markets. There are many types of data entry jobs that are done these days. Most of these are legitimate jobs that return good rewards although the possibility of obsolete and scam jobs is also real. In most cases, data entry jobs require special computer equipments to ease the process of working. These devices may include scanners, printers, microphones, webcams, handwriting recognition software, data conversion tools and barcode readers among others.

Here are a number of jobs that a data entry job seeker may encounter while looking for a job.

a) Database information upgrading
Many databases need regular and frequent updating, especially databases with large number of fields and data. This task may involve revision of entered data like telephone numbers, physical addresses and names etc. Although this job type is not as common because of efficiency in database management systems, in some cases manual intervention is required to correct wrong databases.

b) List preparation
Every piece of information in a computer requires manual entry. At times, manual compilation and crosschecking are necessary before data is entered into the computer system. Data entry jobs involve crosschecking this information, compiling, proofing and sometimes even researching before entering. This kind of job is common and done routinely but the greatest difficulty is encountering illegible handwriting or pieces of information that do not add up. In most cases, this type of data job is assigned to two different people and later their results compared for any discrepancies.

c) Secretarial typing and editing
This includes typing memos, letters, reports and newsletters. It may involve typing from an audio or video recording or researching on particular information online. This data entry job demands a great deal of attention to detail, fast typing speeds, efficiency in use of computer and word processing software and knowledge of language being used.

d) Catalog description
From the name, this data entry job involves creating catalogs from product descriptions and filling them on forms or in documents. The data entry worker is expected to give life to a product to convince a buyer to buy a product by writing a catalog entry that is exciting, relevant and positive.



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